Basketball Classic Presented by Papa John's

Friday, April 15, 2016
7:00 PM: Tip Off


Ticket Prices:

$50 VIP Courtside seating

$18 Lower Arena seating

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Some of the nation’s finest high school basketball talent takes the court at the Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic.

First held in 1973, the Classic is the oldest high school all-star game in the nation and is known for showcasing players who’ve moved on to stardom at the collegiate and professional levels. Former players include Jamal Mashburn, Moses Malone, Rex Chapman, Pervis Ellison, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkins, Darrell Griffith, Derek Anderson, Anfernee Hardaway and Michael Beasley.


Brad Calipari (G) 6-0 / Kentucky
Curtis Jones (G) 6-4 / Indiana
De’Riante Jenkins (F) 6-5 / VCU
De’Ron Davis (F) 6-10 / Indiana
Derek Funderburk C 6-9 / Ohio St.
Eron Gordon (G) 6-2 / Undecided
Eli Wright (G) 6-4 / Mississippi St.
Tyler Sharpe (G) 6-1 / Louisville
James Banks (C) 6-10 / Texas
Jaylen Fisher (G) 6-2 / UNLV
Joey Brunk (C) 6-10 / Butler
Mario Kegler (F) 6-7 / Mississippi St.
Matthew Moyer (F) 6-7 / Syracuse
Micah Thomas (F) 6-7 / Maryland
Mustapha Heron (G) 6-5 / Auburn
Quentin Goodin (G) 6-3 / Xavier
Temple Gibbs (G) 6-3 / Notre Dame
Jarron Cumberland (G) 6-4 / Cincinnati
Jared Harper (G) 6-0 / Florida St.
Carson Williams (F) 6-5 / Northern KY

Player’s Name College NBA Team
Moses Malone n/a Braves, Rockets, 76ers, Bullets, Hawks, Bucks, Spurs
Jack Givens University of Kentucky Hawks
Rick Robey University of Kentucky Pacers, Celtics, Suns
Antoine Carr Wichita State University Hawks, Kings, Spurs, Jazz, Rockets, Grizzlies
Clark Kellogg Ohio State University Pacers
John Paxson University of Notre Dame Spurs, Bulls
Steve Stipanovich University of Missouri Pacers
Kyle Macy University of Kentucky Suns, Bulls, Pacers
Darrell Griffith University of Louisville Jazz
Dominique Wilkins University of Georgia Hawks
Bill Cartwright University of San Francisco Knicks, Bulls
Sam Bowie University of Kentucky Blazers, Nets, Lakers
Isiah Thomas Indiana University Pistons
Glenn “Doc” Rivers Marquette University Hawks, Knicks, Clippers, Spurs
Len Bias University of Maryland Celtics
Chucky Brown North Carolina State Cavaliers, Lakers, Nets, Mavericks, Rockets, Suns, Bucks, Hawkds, Hornets, Spurs, Warriors, Kings
Billy King Duke University
Sam Perkins University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Lakers, Supersonics, Pacers
Pervis Ellison Univeristy of Louisville Kings, Bullets, Celtics, Supersonics
Matt Doherty University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Milt Wagner Univeristy of Louisville Mavericks, Lakers, Heat
Chris Mullin St. Johns’s University Warriors, Pacers
Bill Wennington St. Johns’s University Mavericks, Kings, Bulls
Felton Spencer University of Louisville Timberwolves, Jazz, Magic, Warriors, Spurs, Knicks
Rumeal Robinson University of Michigan Hawks, Nets, Hornets, Trailblazers, Lakers, Suns
Kevin Pritchard University of Kansas Warriors, Celtics, 76ers, Heat, Bullets
Rex Chapman University of Kentucky Hornets, Bullets, Heat, Suns
Rick Fox University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Celtics, Lakers
Travis Ford University of Kentucky
Lawrence Funderburke Ohio State University Kings
Allan Houston University of Tennessee Pistons, Knicks
Tracy Murray University of California, Los Angeles Pistons, Spurs, Trailblazers, Rockets, Raptors, Bullets, Nuggets Lakers
Damon Bailey Indiana University Pacers
Eric Montross University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Celtics, Mavericks, Nets, 76ers, Pistons, Raptors,
Anfernee Hardaway University of Memphis Warriors, Magic, Suns
Jamal Mashburn University of Kentucky Mavericks, Heat, Hornets
Damon Stoudemaire University of Arizona Raptors, Trailblazers
Derek Anderson University of Kentucky Trailblazers
Brad Miller Purdue University Hornets, Bulls, Pacers
Scott Padgett University of Kentucky Jazz
Samaki Walker University of Louisville Mavericks, Spurs, Lakers
Bryce Drew Valparaiso University Rockets, Bulls, Hornets
Jahidi White Georgetown University Wizards
Nazr Mohammed University of Kentucky Jazz, 76ers, Hawks
Jamaal Magloire University of Kentucky Hornets
Michael Bradley University of Kentucky, Villanova University Raptors
Ricky Davis University of Iowa Hornets, Cavaliers
Larry Hughes St. Louis University 76ers, Warriors, Wizards
Quentin Richardson DePaul University Clippers
Casey Jacobsen Stanford University Suns
Jamal Crawford University of Michigan Cavaliers, Bulls
Samuel Dalembert Seton Hall University 76ers
Joe Johnson University of Arkansas Celtics, Suns
Marcus Haislip University of Tennessee Bucks
Darius Miles East St. Louis High School Clippers, Cavaliers
Zach Randolph Michigan State University Trailblazers
Jared Jeffries Indiana University Wizards
Dajuan wagner University of Memphis Cavaliers
Francisco Garcia University of Louisville Kings
Kirk Hinrich University of Kansas Bulls
Chuck Hayes University of Kentucky Rockets
Kyle Lowry Vilanova University Grizzlies
Luke Ridnour Oregon State University Seahawks
Marcus Williams University of Connecticut Nets, Warriors, Grizzlies
Ike Diogu Arizona State Warriors
Kelenna Azubuike University of Kentucky Warriors
CJ Watson University of Tennessee Warriors, Bulls
Antoine Wright Texas A&M Nets, Mavericks, Raptors
Shelden Williams Duke University Hawks, Raptors, Celtics
Deron Williams University of Illinois Jazz, Nets
Steve Novak Marquette University Rockets
Marcus Williams University of Connecticut Nets, Warriors, Grizzlies
Al Horford Florida Hawks
Mario Chalmers University of Kansas Heat
Terrance Williams University of Louisville Nets, Rockets
Darren Collison University of California, Los Angeles Hornets, Pacers
Marcus Williams University of Arizona Spurs, Clippers
Brandon Rush University of Kansas Pacers
Javaris Crittenton Georgia Tech Lakers, Grizzlies
Gerald Henderson Duke University Bobcats
Marreese Speights University of Florida 76ers
DJ Augustin University of Texas at Austin Bobcats
Jodie Meeks University of Kentucky Bucks, 76ers, Lakers
Quincy Pondexter University of Washington Thunder
Brook Lopez Stanford University Nets
Robin Lopez Stanford University Suns
Anthony Randolph Louisiana State University Warriors, Knicks, Wolves
Michael Beasley Kansas State University Heat, Bucks
Nolan Smith Duke University Trailblazers
Austin Daye Gonzaga University Pistons
DeAndre Jordan Texas A&M Clippers
Darius Miller University of Kentucky Pelicans
DeAndre Liggins University of Kentucky Magic
Tyler Zeller North Carolina at Chapel Hill Celtics
Luke Babbitt Galena High School Pelicans
Jeff Withey University of Kansas Pelicans
Eric Bledsoe University of Kentucky Suns
Peyton Siva University of Louisville Pistons
Gorgui Dieng University of Louisville Wolves
Russ Smith Univeristy of Louisville Pelicans
Ray McCallum University of Detroit Mercy Kings
Vic Oladipo Indiana University Magic
Cody Zeller Indiana University Bobcats
Steven Adams University of Pittsburgh Thunder
TJ Warren North Carolina State University Suns
Jordan Adams University of California, Los Angeles Grizzlies
Marcus Smart Oklahoma State Celtics
Tyler Ennis Syracuse University Suns