Kentucky Proud WineFest

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Did you know that there are over 66 wineries located here in Kentucky and nearly 30 in Indiana? The Kentucky Derby Festival WineFest event is your chance to learn more about them, and sample some great wines at a comfortable venue.

WineFest will be held on the East Belvedere at Waterfront Park. Tickets, which cost $40, include a complimentary wine glass, event pin and samplings of some of Kentucky’s finest beverages.


Best Vineyards

Broad Run Vineyards

Chrisman Mills Vineyards

Elk Creek Vineyards

Forest Edge Winery

Generation Hill Winery

Horseshoe Bend Vineyards

McIntyre’s Winery

Old 502 Winery

Prodigy Vineyards & Winery

Purple Toad Winery

Rose Hill Farm Winery

Rising Sons Farm Winery

Smith-Berry Vineyard & Winery

The Little Kentucky River Winery

Wight-Meyer Vineyards & Winery

Guide to Vino!
Indiana Wineries
Kentucky Wineries

Tickets: $40 each, includes event pin and an event wine glass for tasting.

The Kentucky Derby Festival is pleased to announce the winners of the wine judging competition held Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at the Ice House in Louisville. Judges from the American Wine Society gathered to score the 134 different wine samples from 16 Kentucky and Indiana wineries that entered into the competition.

The wines were competing to be the best in the region and were scored on appearance, bouquet, taste/texture, aftertaste, and overall impression. The judging is part Kentucky Proud WineFest in April.

Gold Best Vineyards 2014 Cabawba
Gold Forest Edge 2013 Niagra/ Catawba
Gold Indian Creek 2014 Niagra/ Concord
Gold Forest Edge 2014 Concord
Gold Wright Meyer 2014 Diamond/ Concord Rosé
Gold Huber’s Winery 2013 Vignoles
Gold Huber’s Winery None Varietal/ Auroa
Gold Old 502 None Traminette
Gold Wright Meyer 2013 Seyval Blanc
Gold Rising Sons 2013 Vidal Blanc
Gold Huber’s Winery 2013 Traminette
Gold Rising Sons 2012 Norton
Gold Prodigy 2009 Chambourcin
Gold Old 502 None Concord
Gold Chrisman Mills 2014 Red Hybrid
Gold Forest Edge 2013 Riesling
Gold Wright Meyer 2014 Riesling/ Raspberry
Gold Forest Edge 2013 Muscat Canelli
Gold Forest Edge 2012 Merlot
Gold Old 502 None Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold Prodigy 2009 Cab. Savn. / Cab. Franc/ Lemberger
Gold Huber’s Winery 2012 Cabernet Franc
Gold Purple Toad None Cabernet Franc
Gold Purple Toad None Blackberry/ Peach
Gold Forest Edge 2013 Blackberry
Gold Purple Toad None Blackberry/ Concord
Gold Purple Toad None Blackberry/ Strawberry/ Peach/ Chardonnay
Gold Rising Sons 2013 Blackberry
Gold Best Vineyard 2014 Blueberry and Merlot
Gold Purple Toad None Strawbery
Gold Best Vineyard 2014 Red Raspberry
Gold Rose Hill Farm 2015 Strawberry Wine
Gold Prodigy 2012 Traminette
Gold Huber’s Winery None Raspberry
Gold Prodigy 2013 Raspberry
Gold Prodigy 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon
Silver Forest Edge 2013 Diamond
Silver Rising Sons 2013 Diamond
Silver Purple Toad None Concord
Silver Best Vineyard 2013
Silver Prodigy Vineyards 2013 Concord
Silver Rose Hill Farm 2014 Traminette
Silver Prodigy 2014 Diamond
Silver Rising Sons 2013 Cayuga White
Silver Chrisman Mills 2013 Vidal
Silver Huber’s Winery None Blend
Silver Wright Meyer 2014 Traminette
Silver Prodigy 2013 Vidal Blanc
Silver Chrisman Mills 2012 Norton
Silver Rose Hill Farm 2014 Rose Red Chambourcin
Silver Chrisman Mills 2013 Chambourcin
Silver Horseshoe Bend None Chambourcin-Malbe
Silver Prodigy 2009 Norton
Silver Forest Edge 2013 Chardonnay
Silver Forest Edge 2013 Riesling
Silver Wright Meyer 2014 Riesling
Silver Old 502 None Riesling
Silver Purple Toad None Moscato
Silver Old 502 None Chardonnay
Silver Huber’s Winery None Pinot Gris
Bronze Wright Meyer 2014 Diamond
Bronze Forest Edge 2013 Concord/ Niagra
Bronze Indian Creek 2014 Concord
Bronze Prodigy Vineyards 2013 Diamond/ Raspberry
Bronze StoneBrook Winery 2013 Vidal Blanc
Bronze Wright Meyer 2014 Vignoles
Bronze StoneBrook Winery 2014 Vidal Blanc
Bronze Best Vineyard 2011 Chardonel
Bronze Elk Creek Vineyards None Vidal Blanc
Bronze Rising Sons 2012 St. Vincent
Bronze Huber’s Winery None Blend/ Chambourcin
Bronze Huber’s Winery None Varietal/ Chambourcin
Bronze Purple Toad None Chardonnay/ Riesling
Bronze Elk Creek Vineyard None Pinot Grigio
Bronze Huber’s Winery 2012 Varietal Tennat
Bronze StoneBrook Winery 2013 Cabernet Franc
Bronze Stonebrook Winery none Pomegranate
Bronze Stonebrook Winery none Apple
Bronze McIntyre 2014 Blueberry
Bronze Wright Meyer 2014 Apple
Bronze Stonebrook Winery none Cherry
Bronze McIntyre 2014 Blackberry
Bronze Best Vineyard 2013 Peach
Bronze Stonebrook Winery none Raspberry
Bronze Purple Toad None Pomegranate-Zinfandel
Bronze Purple Toad None Blueberry
Bronze Purple Toad None Blackberry/ Concord/ Blueberry
Bronze Stonebrook Winery none Mango
Bronze Prodigy 2013 Blackberry
Bronze Old 502 None Chambourein
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