Waterfront Jam presented by Laura’s Lean Beef

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Thursday Concert featuring The Fray with The Mowgli’s

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Friday Concert featuring Scotty McCreery with special guest Cassadee Pope, and Steve Holy

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Is a Pegasus Pin required for entry to the Waterfront Jam ticketed concerts?

A Pegasus Pin is not required for entry to the Waterfront Jam concerts.  Only a ticket is required.

Will my ticket give me access to the Chow Wagon area?

Yes, your ticket will give you access to the Chow Wagon area.

What is the difference between “priority viewing” and “regular” viewing?.

Priority Viewing gives the patron special access to a private area right in front of the stage.  The area is limited to only 200 people and is being sold on-line on a first come, first served basis.  The patron will have their ticket scanned at the front gate and will proceed to the priority viewing tent to receive their special wristband.  The wristband tent is right inside the main entrance.

For the “regular viewing” can you bring in lawn chairs?

You may bring chairs in for the regular viewing, but stanchioning off an area is not permitted.

Are chairs permitted in priority viewing?

Chairs and not permitted in this area.

How long will the concert last?

Both concerts (Thursday and Friday night) will likely go until about 10:30 or 11pm.

Will there be any VIP opportunities aside from the priority viewing?

No other VIP opportunities are being offered.

What time will Scotty McCreery take the stage?

Scotty McCreery will likely take the stage between 9-9:30pm.

Will there be food sold on the venue?

Multiple food vendors and all varieties of alcohol beverages are available.  Personal food and drink are not permitted to be brought in the venue.

How do I purchase food and drinks?

Food and drink tickets are required for food and beverage.  These tickets may be purchased at designated ticket booths.  Cash or credit card is accepted at ticket booths.

Do you offer other alcoholic beverages in addition to beer?

We offer beer, but also offer wine, bourbon and a great variety of spirits for sale on the venue.  Check out our bars for specifics.

Is first aid available?

First Aid stations are located in multiple locations on the venue.

Is merchandise available?

Each Artist will likely offer merchandise for sale.  KDF merchandise is also offered for sale on the venue.

What is the policy on pets?

Pets are not permitted on the venue.  An exception is made during HappyTail Hour on Monday, April 28 from 5-9pm.  Dog owners are encouraged to bring their pet/s and mingle with other dog lovers during this special programming.

Do you have any restrictions or policies for the venue?

Food, drink, coolers, cans, bottles, bikes, blades and skateboards are not permitted in the venue.  Stanchioning off areas in not permitted.  All personal bags are subject to search.

Will there be re-admittance to the event?

Re-admittance is permitted.  If a patron exits the venue, they will be stamped with a unique stamp that will be verified upon reentering the venue.

Where can I park for the event?

In Downtown Louisville, there are more than 52,000 public parking, off-street spaces within a 10-block walk to the River.  For more information on garage and lot locations visit one of these websites at:  www.riversideparking.com/locations.html or www.louisvilleky.gov/PARC/ or contact the Parking Authority of River City (PARC) at (502) 587-PARK.