Royal Court Registration


The Fillies, Inc. and the Kentucky Derby Festival would like to thank you for your interest in applying for the 2019 Royal Court.  Below you will find the requirements for selection as a member of the Court, along with a brief outline of the duties required of a Derby Festival Princess, if selected.  Be sure to search #kdfprincess on Instagram for images of the Royal Court!

Once you have reviewed the requirements below, press the “Register Today” button to begin the registration process.

This on-line portion includes an extensive application that must be completed, along with initialing a section to confirm that you understand the rules and regulations.   All sections must be completed in order for you to be registered as an applicant for the Royal Court.

All applicants, in addition to completing this on-line application, must submit the following materials:

1.  A readable copy of your voter registration card or driver’s license (to establish residency).

2.  An Official Transcript from your school’s registrar office.

These materials must be postmarked orscanned & e-mailed by October 14, 2018, and sent to:

Whitney McNicol
10613 Dry Creek Way
Louisville, KY 40299


Questions? Call Whitney at 502-802-8928

Best wishes and good luck!


An Applicant Shall:

1.  Be a single female resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky or Louisville Metropolitan Area (Floyd, Clark, and Harrison Counties of Indiana).  A voter registration card or driver’s license must identify you as a resident of those areas, however, an applicant may attend a college or university that is out of state.

2.  Be at least 18 years of age on or before December 31, 2018.

3.  Be at least a full time second year undergraduate student attending a University, College, or an accredited professional school for the full current academic year with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.  Verification is required from the school registrar’s office.

4.  Be aware that the Kentucky Derby Festival and the final judges are looking for five young ladies who will represent the Festival in a positive way, and the judges will consider:

a.  Personality
b.  Intelligence
c.  Values/Civic Activities
d.  Total Appearance
e.  General knowledge of the Kentucky Derby Festival and Current Events

5.  Be willing to abide by the guidelines of the Royal Court if selected.

a.  Attend all scheduled functions and fulfill the responsibilities of each event beginning with the official Fillies Derby Ball and They’re Off! Luncheon, held two or three weeks prior to the Kentucky Derby.  After that, it is a very busy schedule for the fourteen to twenty-one days prior to the Derby.  Some events are very early in the morning.  There are some as early as January, February and March, which are “come if you can.”  A mother/daughter luncheon, a required function, is planned for February or March where specifics are given for the activities.  Final exams for classes often conflict with the Court’s duties, so you must consider this and arrange your exam schedule accordingly.
b.  Be a team player – everything is done as a group.
c.  Must be available for meeting the press and photo sessions.
d.  Expect to pay your own transportation expenses to and from Louisville for the Derby Festival events.
e.  Upon notification of her selection as a Princess or Alternate, she must elect whether to:
i.  Accept that selection and withdraw from any other beauty or talent competition to be held during the 2-3 weeks of the Kentucky Derby Festival
ii.  OR give written rejection of her selection as a Princess or Alternate.
f.  Always conduct yourself in a manner that will positively reflect the Kentucky Derby Festival, Inc. and The Fillies, Inc.