Digital Underground with Rob Base at Waterfront Jam


The Kentucky Derby Festival is postponing all events on the 2020 schedule until later in the year in response to concerns about COVID-19. We appreciate everything that is being done on a state and local level, and we want to support that effort. 

We are working to reschedule events, including this one. We are contacting all those involved with the postponed events to alert them of the changes, including ticket holders for the VIP Sections of the Waterfront Jam Concert Series.

The new date for this concert is Tuesday, September 1.

We would be happy to issue a refund for your ticket should you not be able to attend the new date.


Digital Underground is a multi-platinum American hip hop group. This Legendary act is best known for their hit’s Humpty Dance, Same Song, Freaks Of The Industry, Kiss U back, Doowutchalike, and I Get Around with 2 Pac. The group is noted for introducing Tupac Shakur to the music / entertainment industry in 1991. Digital Underground is widely recognized for it’s unique contributions to hip hop music, as well as possessing one of the best live performances the genre has to offer.

Rob Base hails from Harlem New York. He first began performing with various groups such as: Sure Shot Seven, Cosmic 3 MC’s, Freedom Force and Disco Enforcers. He and partner DJ EZ Rock, (whom he has known since the 4th grade) would eventually separate from the groups to form Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. In the last 30 years, Rob Base has continued to make his mark in the Hip Hop and Freestyle worlds and has even added the title Celebrity DJ to his resume.