Go Green! Initiative

The Kentucky Derby Festival’s Go Green! initiative continues to step up year after year through a partnership with QRS Recycling.

QRS will once againbe servicing and assisting in the management of green efforts at multiple Derby Festival events.  QRS offers single-stream recycling, which allows all the accepted materials to go into the same container.  No sorting is required, and this method will allow for a user-friendly, efficient process at Derby Festival events.

With the help of QRS, the Derby Festival had increased the collection of recyclable products significantly.  Expect to see Green Efforts at many Derby Festival events including Thunder Over Louisville, Kroger’s Fest-a-Ville, U.S. Bank Great Balloon Glow, Marathon/miniMarathon, and the Republic Bank Pegasus® Parade amongst others.  The Derby Festival’s Go Green! program, which is sponsored by LG&E, includes composting of inedible food waste; donation of edible food; use of compostable products; yellow grease recycling and on-site recycling.

Here are some other ways you can “Go Green” with the Kentucky Derby Festival:

1. Use recycling bins at at Festival events

2. Ride your bike to Thunder and Kroger’s Fest-a-Ville.

3. Carpool to Kentucky Derby Festival events.

4. Join the Kentucky Derby Festival and purchase Green Energy for your home or office, visit www.lge-ku.com

For  even more tips on how you can Go Green!, visit these websites: