April 30, 2014. Louisville, KY.   – The Belle of Louisville’s Centennial Celebration started early tonight as the paddle wheeler received an early 100th birthday gift – the coveted 12-point silver antlers – after the Belle of Cincinnati conceded in the 52nd annual Great Steamboat Race.  The concession came before the total points had been tallied for the race.

A task and scoring system that was implemented five years ago now determines the winner of the Great Steamboat Race.  Prior to the race on the river, crews from both boats completed 6 of the 10 tasks that are required in the competition.  The Belle of Louisville was leading with 47.5 points, versus the Belle of Cincinnati with 42.5 points.

Even though the Belle of Cincinnati was already behind in points, the crew conceded in honor of the Belle of Louisville’s 100th Birthday.  They made the announcement as the Awards Ceremony got underway on the Music Stage inside the Chow Wagon.


  • Task No. 1: Jousting inflatable competition (Belle of Louisville 5, Belle of Cincinnati 10)
  • Task No. 2: Obstacle inflatable course (Belle of Louisville 10, Belle of Cincinnati 5)
  • Task No. 3: Handy line toss (Belle of Louisville 7.5, Belle of Cincinnati 7.5)
  • Task No. 4: Monkey fist toss (Belle of Louisville 5, Belle of Cincinnati 10)
  • Task No. 5: Miniature Paddle Wheel Assembly (Belle of Louisville 10, Belle of Cincinnati 5)
  • Task No. 6: Calliope contest (Belle of Louisville 10, Belle of Cincinnati 5)
  • Task No. 7: Buoy flag retrieval (No points tallied)
  • Task No. 8: VIP retrieval (No points tallied)
  • Task No. 9: Bourbon barrel head (No points tallied)
  • Task No. 10: Boat race finish (No points tallied)


Contributing sponsors of this year’s Great Steamboat Race are Four Roses Bourbon, Republic Industries International, Inc., Captain’s Quarters Riverside Grille and Lite 106.9.

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