Friday, February 24, 2023. Louisville, KY. – A sure sign of spring this morning as the first shipment of 2023 Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pins arrived. They were delivered to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience on Main Street. It’s the first place you can purchase this year’s pins starting today for $7 each. Heaven Hill Distillery has also produced a special Evan Williams Single Barrel Limited Edition Kentucky Derby Festival bourbon bottle to commemorate the 51st edition of the collectible pins. The bottle features a Gold Pegasus Pin sealed in iridescent teal wax on the neck of each bottle, as well as an Official 2023 Pegasus Pin in an envelope attached to the bottle.

“Partnering with the Kentucky Derby Festival for this annual tradition is extremely special for us at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience,” said Jodie Filiatreau, Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Artisanal Distiller. “We’re proud to play a role in helping make the Derby season the most exciting time of year for Louisville and for everyone who comes here to celebrate from across the Commonwealth.”

New this year, the Pegasus Pin comes in three different color combinations, the Derby Festival’s signature pink and teal, as well as orange and teal and green and teal. All three colors are on a white background. The geometric design of the pins is inspired by pins from the 80s and 90s.

“The Pegasus Pin is still your key to Derby Festival fun, providing free admission into more than half of our events,” said Matt Gibson, Kentucky Derby Festival President and CEO. “The pins are a tremendous value, including coupons and the chance to win weekly grand prizes. Plus, the funds raised from pin sales help the Festival continue to produce events for the community each year.”

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience at 528 W. Main Street will be the only location in town selling Pegasus Pins through March 3rd. The commemorative bottles are available for purchase at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience beginning today and while supplies last for $79.99. Only 800 of the bottles will be available.

Starting March 6, the pins will be available at retail locations including grocery stores, gas stations, banks, and other retail outlets in Kentuckiana from Elizabethtown to Louisville, as well as in Southern Indiana. They can also be purchased online at PegasusPins.com. They will sell for $7 each at retail and $10 at events.

The Festival will give away 9 Grand Prizes over the course of eight weeks and any 2023 Pegasus Pin can win! The prizes will be given away on Fridays beginning Friday, March 17, through Friday, May 5 on WAVE. To be eligible for the drawings, fans need to register their pins online at PegasusPins.com.

This year’s Weekly Grand Prizes include a $3,000 Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Speakeasy Bourbon Party, $2,500 in Main Event Entertainment Gift Cards, $2,500 Commonwealth Credit Union Visa Gift Card, $2,500 Great Clips prize package, $3,000 Ashley HomeStore Shopping Spree, $2,500 in Mike’s Car Wash Ultimate + Ceramic Washes, $2,500 Academy Sports Gift Card, $2,500 Kroger Fuel Card, and $2,500 Kroger Grocery Card. The drawings will be broadcast on WAVE.

Those who find and register a Gold Winner Pegasus Pin also have a chance to win a $20,000 cash Grand Prize to be given away Friday, May 12, on WAVE. With more than 18,000 of these pins in circulation, the odds of finding a Gold Winner Pegasus Pin are approximately 1 in 13.

Along with the chance to win Grand Prizes, each Pegasus Pin envelope also includes an offer from Great Clips, as well as 13 coupons provided by retail and business partners including Mike Linnig’s, Flying Axes, Rooties Sports Bar & Grill, the Kentucky State Fair, and Kern’s Kitchen Derby-Pie Chocolate nut pie just to name a few.

About Pegasus Pins: The Pegasus Pin Sponsorship program was started as an awareness campaign for the Derby Festival in 1973. At that time, only 10,000 of the plastic pins were produced. The 1973 version of the pin is valued at $800-$1,000 and it’s rare to find them. Since then, the pin sponsorships have become one of the primary sources of funding for Derby Festival events. A pin sponsorship investment is a way fans can support the Kentucky Derby Festival, a not-for-profit organization providing world-class entertainment.

About Kentucky Derby Festival
Since 1956, the Derby Festival has worked to bring the community together in celebration. The Festival is an independent community organization supported by 4,000 volunteers, 400 businesses and civic groups, Pegasus Pin sponsorships and event participation. This involvement has made the Festival the largest single attended event in Kentucky and one of the leading community celebrations in the world.

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