February 7, 2020. Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Derby Festival is sharing another sign of spring this morning, as they release the design for the 48th edition of their Pegasus Pin. The 2020 design features the Festival’s campaign tagline “Live it Up!”, with a silver Pegasus soaring over a fuchsia Louisville skyline on a teal background. Beginning in March, the pins will be available to the public and will sell for $6 each at 1,000 retail locations. The price at the entrance to events will be $7.

“You can’t lose with the purchase of a Pegasus Pin,” said Matt Gibson, President and CEO of the Kentucky Derby Festival. “They are a tremendous value providing free admission into more than half of the Festival’s events, and any 2020 plastic pin could make you a Grand Prize winner.”

Each 2020 Pegasus Pin will come with the opportunity to win one of the Festival’s Grand Prizes when registered with the KDF App or online at PegasusPins.com. The pin envelopes also include coupons with special discounts provided by local retail partners. This year the Festival also is doing eight weekly prizes. There will be a total of 10 prizes given away, with the two winners during each of the first two weeks.

COVERAGE NOTE: The first shipment of 2020 Pegasus Pins arrives on Wednesday, February 19th at 10 a.m. They will be delivered to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience on Main Street, the first location to sell this year’s official Festival pins. Festival Officials along with Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Artisanal Distiller will be hand dipping the Evan Williams Pegasus Pin bottles in wax. The special edition Evan Williams Single Barrel bottles commemorate the 48th edition of the Pegasus Pins and the 65th Kentucky Derby Festival, with a Gold Pegasus Pin sealed in wax on the neck of each bottle.

The Pegasus Pin sponsorship program began as an awareness campaign for the Derby Festival in 1973. At that time, only 10,000 of the plastic pins were produced. The 1973 version of the pin is valued at $800-$1,000 and it’s rare to find them. Since then, the pins have become one of the primary sources of funding for Derby Festival events. A pin sponsorship investment is a way fans can support the Kentucky Derby Festival, a not-for-profit organization providing world-class entertainment. More than 250,000 of the pins are produced each year.

Pins are sold in grocery stores, gas stations, banks and other retail outlets all over Kentuckiana and are also available for purchase through PegasusPins.com. Festival Fun Packs, which include a package of 5 Pegasus Pins, also return this year for $25. Children 6 and under are not required to have a Pegasus Pin for admission to Festival events.

More information on the Pegasus Pin program can be found at PegasusPins.com.

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