Rock’n’roll eatery selling 2014 Pegasus Pins Beginning Today

February 20, 2014. Louisville, KY.   – It’s a sure sign of spring!  The Kentucky Derby Festival’s 42nd edition of Pegasus Pins were unveiled this morning at Louisville’s Hard Rock Café.  The Fourth Street Live restaurant is also the first place you can purchase a Pegasus Pin beginning today.

“Each year the Festival brings a plethora of fantastic events that keep Louisville’s energy level high, and continues to position this city as one of the premiere locations in America,” said Billy Garland, Sales & Marketing Manager, Hard Rock Cafe. “We’re excited to serve as the exclusive outlet for Pegasus Pins for the next week. Partnerships like this make this a fabulous home for a global company like Hard Rock Cafe!”

Hard Rock Café Louisville will be the only location in town selling Pegasus Pins through March 2nd.  The 2014 Pegasus Pins, which sell for $5, come in one design this year – a metallic silver with a holographic outline of the city’s skyline.

New for 2014, any Pegasus Pin is your chance to win one of 8 Weekly Grand Prizes.  The prizes will be given away on Fridays beginning Friday, March 14 through Friday, May 2.  Pegasus Pin purchasers also have a chance to win a gold pin.  The odds of finding a gold winner pin are 1 in 12, with 20,000 of these pins in circulation.  In addition to the Weekly Grand Prizes, the Gold Pin Winners are eligible for a chance to win a new Honda CRV, which will be given away on Friday, May 9.

“This year, you really can’t lose with the purchase of a Pegasus Pin,” said Mike Berry, President and CEO of the Kentucky Derby Festival. “Not only are the pins a tremendous value as a ticket for free admission into more than half of the Festival’s events, but in 2014, any pin could make you a Grand Prize winner.”

In addition to a pin, inside each pin envelope are 3 coupons with discounts from local retailers.  The envelope also includes the Pegasus Pin registration card. Consumers used the unique code on the card to register their pins online at www.pegasuspins.com or through the KDF App.  All pins must be registered online to be eligible for the prize drawings.

On Monday, March 3, the pins will be available at more than 1000 retail outlets and participating financial institutions. Family Fun Packs of five pins will also be available at retail locations for $20.

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