PNC Tour de Lou


The Kentucky Derby Festival is once again partnering with the Louisville Bicycle Club to produce the PNC Tour de Lou on Saturday, April 16, 2022.

Participants will have the opportunity to bike in-person and socially-distanced, as well as the option to participate virtually. As always, the Festival’s annual bike event is for riders of all levels of experience, with separate distances and ride options:

  • 62.1 Mile Metric Century / Advanced Ride (Open course)
  • 35 Mile Experienced Ride / Intermediate Ride (Open course)
  • 20 Mile Ride / New to cycling (Open course)
  • Family Ride 1-3 mile options / Children and Families (for ages 4-12 years old)
  • Virtual Ride 20, 35, and Metric Century Options (Find more info here!)

While the 2022 In-Person rides will look a little different, the ride will still tour all areas of the city, from Downtown to the South End and Highlands.


Here’s what you can expect this year…

  • As in all Festival events, health & safety is our top priority, and we’ll continue to provide a secure biking experience.
    • Look for new highlights, like riding through Churchill Downs for 20 Mile, 35 Mile, and Metric Century routes.
    • Specific Course & route details to come in 2022.
    • This looped course at Waterfront Park will feature various distance options (1-3 miles) to be marked along the secured course.
    • Participants ages 4-12 years old, and their families are encouraged to come out to ride.
    • This course will include additional volunteer & safety support, as well as traditional support from Louisville Bike Club Ride Captains. 
    • Snacks and water will be provided along with some fun surprises and entertainment along the route.
    • The new course route will take Metric Century riders not only through Louisville’s parks and neighborhoods, and Churchill Downs, but also across the Big Four Bridge and into scenic Indiana.
    • Specific Course & route details to come in 2022!


What is Tour de Lou?
The PNC Kentucky Derby Festival Tour de Lou is a bicycle tour throughout our city! It’s a non-competitive, un-timed, 20, 35 or 62.1 (Metric Century) mile ride, for riders of all experience levels. We’ll be offering both In-Person and Virtual Ride registrations.

We’ve got something new for your tour this year!   

  • Participants in the 20 mile, 35 mile & Metric Century will ride through the historic Churchill Downs racetrack. More course details to come! 
  • This will still be a looped course, touring Louisville’s historic parks and neighborhoods.   
  • The Metric Century will now be a tour of two states, as the new 62.1 mile course will not only take you through Louisville’s parks and neighborhoods, but also across the Big Four Bridge and into scenic Indiana. (Specific Course & route details to come in January 2022.) 
  • We’re introducing a new Tour de Lou Family Ride, which will include 3 looped distance options (1-3 miles) for our youngest cyclists. The Family Ride is recommended for children ages 4-12 and their families.  


What is the new Family Ride?  

It’s a brand new Tour de Lou ride for the whole family! With a 1-3 mile looped course at Waterfront Park, you will have the option to choose the distance that best suits you or your children. (All routes will be marked for you to choose the distance you want to ride, or even extend it, if you’re feeling up to it!)   

  • These routes will tour through Waterfront Park to create a more closed course than the traditional Tour de Lou distances.  
  • This ride is recommended for children ages 4-12 and their families. 
  • All child riders will be required to have adult supervision on site  
  • All children under the age of 10 must also have an adult ride with them on the course 
  • All registered riders will receive: 
    • An Official PNC Tour de Lou Ride T-Shirt for each registered child rider   
    • Matching Official PNC Tour de Lou Ride T-shirt for chaperone rider   
    • SWAG bag for each registered child Rider   
    • Bike Tag Numbers for each Child & Chaperone Riders   


What time does the Tour de Lou start?
This year’s in-person routes will have staggered start times: 

  • 62.1 Mile (Metric Century): 8 AM 
  • 35 Mile: 8:15 AM 
  • 20 Mile: 8:30 AM 
  • Family Ride: 9:30 AM  


Will the 2022 Tour de Lou differ from previous years? 

Yes! Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to in 2022: 

  • A new route highlight for our 20 mile, 35 mile, and Metric Century riders will include a lap through Churchill Downs! 
  • A brand new Family Ride in Waterfront Park! For children ages 4-12 and their families, there will be a special 1-3 mile route option, with fun surprises and snacks available. 
  • The Metric Century route will include two states this year, as we take advanced in-person riders across the river. More course details will be shared in 2022. 
  • We will be bringing back the post-ride celebration in a new way! Look for more details in the new year.  
  • Based on your feedback, we’re bringing back the drive-through style Packet Pick-Up. 
  • We will still be implementing a staggered start to decrease the capacity at SAG & nutrition stops but will condense start times to a more traditional start. 


What Safety Precautions will you be taking in 2022?  

The safety of our riders is our top priority. We will keep you updated regarding any COVID-19 guidelines and how they will impact the 2022 event. Currently we will have the following policies in place: 

  • We will continue to have staggered start times for all riders. 
  • Water stops will have additional taps & utilize foot pedals for refilling water bottles.

If something happens this year, how will my registration be handled? 

Similar to 2020, in the event of being unable to hold the in–person PNC Tour de Lou, all registered riders will be given the option to defer or ride virtually.  


Where is the Start and Finish Line?
The 2022 PNC Tour de Lou will start and end at in the corner lot at 301 East Witherspoon St and the Corner of Floyd Street. This will be again be a looped course. Riders will bike through the parks and neighborhoods of Louisville, on an open course with safety support.  

The complete routes will be released soon, along with GPS Files for each Route. 


What time does the Finish Line close?
The Finish Line will close at 2:00 PM. Riders must maintain a 8-13 mph or faster pace to complete the ride. 


Where can I pick up my ride packet and swag? 

Packet Pickup will again be in a drive-through format. More details will be released closer to the event. Check back to this webpage! 


What do I get as part of my Registration in the Tour de Lou? 


Riders will receive: 

  • The Official PNC Tour de Lou shirt (for the 20 & 35 mile routes, and the Family Ride) or a Tech Shirt (for the Metric Century ride). Both the registered child rider & one chaperone will receive the Official PNC Tour de Lou ride shirt for the Family Ride. 
  • An Official PNC Tour de Lou Swag Bag 
  • Course support including Rest Stops with water, snacks, bathrooms, and Scheller’s Support & Gear (SAG) Vehicles. 
  • Access to GPS Route files for each distance, so riders can follow along on a Garmin, smart phone, or other GPS Device. 


Will there be places to get water, nutrition and take bathroom breaks along the In-Person course? 

Yes! We will have Rest Stops throughout each of the route distances, where riders will be able to refuel with single-serve water and single-serve snacks. Some Rest Stops will also include Porta-Johns for bathroom breaks. Details about where they are located will be included in the final map of the Ride Routes.

Am I required to wear a helmet to participate in the Tour de Lou?
To keep everyone safe, we require that every participant wear a helmet that conforms to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in removal from the course. 


How do I purchase a Tour de Lou ride jersey?
Jerseys can be purchased during online registration and will be picked up during Rider Packet Pick-Up.  

We’ll be sharing more information about the Jersey Design Unveiling soon – stay tuned!  



Training Program


Register for the FREE Training Program


The PNC Kentucky Derby Festival Tour de Lou Training Program is a FREE 6-week program designed for bicyclists of all experience levels. The training program will feature weekly group bike rides led by the Louisville Bicycle Club. 

Training tips and bike safety will also be provided. Be one of the first 100 to register for both the Training Program & PNC Tour de Lou and receive a FREE tech shirt. 

The Socially-Distanced training rides will take place at noon on weekends starting February 27nd through April 3rd. The first ride will be 5 miles and will increase by 5 miles each week. All rides will meet in the Paul Ford Lot (next to Slugger Field).


Training Schedule: All Rides start at Noon on Sunday

  • Week #1: 5 Mile Training Ride & Rider 101 – Sunday, February 27th
  • Week #2: 10 Mile Training Ride – Sunday, March 6th
  • Week #3: 15 Mile Training Ride – Sunday, March 13th
  • Week #4: 20 Mile Training Ride – Sunday March 20th
  • Week #5: 25 Mile Training Ride – Sunday, March 27th
  • Week #6: 30 Mile Training Ride – Sunday, April 3rd


How do I sign-up? 

You can register for our FREE 6-week training program right HERE. The schedule of the training rides is listed above on this webpage. 

Make sure you join the Facebook Event Page HERE for the latest information and updates about training rides. 


How much does the Training Program Cost? 

The PNC Tour de Lou Training Program is offered for FREE and organized by the Louisville Bike Club. The Louisville Bike Club will also offer their expertise – sharing safety tips, rules of the road and Biking 101 for new riders! 


Do I need to have prior experience to join the Training Program? 

Not at all! The Louisville Bike Club has ‘geared’ the Training Program for New Riders, all the way up to experienced cyclists.  


When does the Training Program Take Place? 

The Training Program will take place over 6 weekends. Starting February 27, riders will meet at at noon on Sundays in the Paul Ford Lot (next to Slugger Field) for a short Biking Instruction, then a group ride.  

The first ride level will start at 5 miles, then increase by 5 miles each week.  


Where do the Training Program Rides happen? 

All training rides will start and end in the Paul Ford Lot (next to Slugger Field) this year.  

Looking for someone to ride with, or want to train before you complete your full ride? CLICK HERE to check out our partners at Louisville Bike Club, or take a look at their ride calendar.